Keep an eye out at local nightlife establishments for the Coasters for Consent. Using pastels inspired by Edmonton itself, they feature prosocial messaging with artful design. The coasters will help start conversations about how we can create environments where respect, consent and personal accountability are the norm, and where sexual violence is never tolerated.

Coasters for Consent was created in collaboration with Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE), the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre (UASAC) and It’s Time Edmonton–part of the City of Edmonton’s Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative–as well as a number of anti-sexual violence advocates within the community.

About the Artist

Emily Chu

The coasters feature the artwork of local Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Emily Chu. Emily is best known for creating playful patterns that merge hand-typography with striking designs.

Although she mainly works in commercial art, she also has a painting background, mixing both traditional and digital media in her work. Her art has frequently been featured in Avenue Magazine and in promotional materials for the Edmonton Arts Council.

‘5 Minute Friend’

The ‘5 Minute Friend’ program was an important part of the Coasters for Consent project. The program is a collection of anti-sexual violence and bystander intervention workshops for the bar industry that were developed collaboratively by the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) and the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre (UASAC)–with invaluable support from the Calgary Sexual Health Centre.

The program was developed in response to increasing demand from Edmonton’s nightlife industry for training, guidance, and support in responding to, and ultimately preventing sexual violence. The program encourages staff and management to consider how they can be an ally to someone for a brief moment in their life when they might really need it–or in other words, how they might be their 5 minute friend. For more information contact the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton.