Everyone can help

It takes all of us to create change.

Be an accomplice by:

  • Instilling and modeling values of equality
  • Supporting or modeling positive examples of masculinity
  • Rewarding men and boys who are caring, thoughtful and who value equality
  • Mentoring someone who is different from you
  • Listening to the experiences of women and gender diverse people and taking their lead
  • Reflecting on the advantages that being male can offer, and recognizing that with those advantages comes responsibility
  • Connecting with others for support and learning more about gender-based violence
  • Inspiring men to promote healthy, equal relationships with the boys in their lives
  • Working to empower men to speak out against violence

Men and boys can lead

Men and boys have a particular opportunity to lead change. Historically, men have had more power in Western European cultures than women or people of other genders. While this is changing, and in Canada, there is progress being made, men and boys still have advantages people of other genders don’t have.

Men and boys, you can make a big difference when you Notice, Speak, Act

Here are more resources to show how men and boys can be a part of the solution:

Community call to action

Gender-based violence happens everywhere. Community organizations, businesses, schools, sport and faith organizations have a role to play. This is about shifting attitudes and practices where people work, learn and play. The response and awareness of community organizations is an important part of creating a movement for change.

A number of community partners have already signed on to make a change!