Always ask for consent

Consent is when people share their boundaries, ask about others’ boundaries and desires, and are given clear permission before a specific activity. Consent is clear, informed, voluntary, sober, act and person-specific, ongoing, active, and comes directly from the individual. It’s a mutual decision that people feel good about.

Ask for consent before

  • Touching, hugging or kissing
  • Any sexual activity
  • Making sexual remarks
  • Commenting on someone else’s body
  • Taking or sharing photos of someone else

About sex

When it comes to any sexual activity, it’s everyone’s responsibility to seek and receive consent.

Consent must be:

  • Informed – everyone needs to understand what they are agreeing to
  • Voluntary – consent must be enthusiastic
  • Given – consent is given freely and does not involve pressure, guilt, threats, or manipulation
  • Sober – a person is unable to consent if they are incapacitated by drugs or alcohol or unconscious or sleeping
  • Mutual – respect each other’s boundaries and make sure everyone involved feels good about the decision
  • Ongoing – consent can be withdrawn at any point so keep checking in and ensure that your partner is still feeling comfortable and enjoying themselves
  • Verbal or nonverbal – people communicate consent and non-consent in lots of indirect ways, like through body language, limited participation, or excuses.


  • Drunk means no
  • Later means no
  • Silence means no
  • No means no

How to ask for consent:

  • Are you into this?
  • Do you want me to…?
  • Are you comfortable?
  • Is this okay?
  • Do you want to slow down?
  • Do you want to go any further?